How to Become a High-Earning Software Developer

The term “digital roadmap” refers to your personal way towards skills and success in the digital area. While expertise, ideas, and communities are important aspects of it, the knowledge of how to maximize your own benefits is another important aspect. Today, I am highlighting the top 15 tips to achieve a better career and ultimately make more money as a software developer. However, beware that following all of them would most probably make you a lonely person, so pick which ones you like and which ones do not suit you:


  1. Be passionate for what you do. If you are not personally interested int the programming challenges that you solve, you should probably look out for something else.

  2. Always go the extra mile and be proactive. This will mean quite some extra hours, but always remember that you have a particular goal in mind.

  3. Identify the programming language that will be needed most in the future and learn it. That will pay you most.

  4. Have a basic understanding of new technologies and code languages so that you can talk about them and take the parts that help you.

  5. Show your capabilities when you get the possibility to do so.

  6. Earn renown certifications that are not just hypes, but have a long-lasting value to employers.

  7. Create your network of headhunters and other contacts to get new job offers on a regular basis.

  8. When you get a new offer, try to make it comparable by applying for more than one job at the same time.

  9. Never leave your current job before you have signed a new contract. Contracted employees have a much stronger negotiation position.

  10. Stay ready to accept new job offers that will change your life and also your salary. Do not just stay at your job because it is “just fine”.

  11. Try to get into the teams with the best reputation within your company. They will have more visibility and get the higher paying jobs.

  12. Always tackle new problems that you or other people have and identify a solution for them.

  13. Choose your location for living where software developers are paid well.

  14. Start to work towards your goal as early as possible. You can start to learn new skills on your own at any age.

  15. Consider becoming a freelancer, as this will maximize your personal benefits if you have really valuable skills.