This is the Easiest Strategy to Pass the TOGAF Level 2 Exam (OG0-092, OG0-095, OG0-097, OG0-F92, OG0-S92)

TOGAF offers two levels of certification, where the first level is called TOGAF Foundation and the second level is called TOGAF Certified. The foundation level focuses on the theory of TOGAF, such as knowledge about the Architecture Development Method, the Content Framework, and the TOGAF definitions. The certified level has a practical focus and has the objective to test whether a person can apply TOGAF in specific situations as they might occur in daily business. While level 1 (foundation) has a passing grade of 55% (which is 22 correct answers out of 40), level 2 (certified) has a passing grade of 60% (which is 24 points out of 40). However, I think that the level 2 exam is the much easier one if you take the following approach:  

How to answer TOGAF level 2 exam questions?

As the TOGAF level 2 exam has only 8 questions, answering only a few of them completely wrong will make you fail the exam. However, TOGAF has structured the answers to its questions in such a way that for each question, there is only one completely wrong answer, where the other three answers will provide you with at least some points.. In detail, the distribution of points is the following:

  • Correct answer: 5 points

  • 2nd best answer: 3 points

  • 3rd best answer: 1 point

  • Worst answer: 0 points

Imagine that instead of yourself, you place a monkey in front of the PC and let it answer the questions for you. The monkey would simply choose one of the four answers randomly, which leads to an expected score of 18 points already! The good thing is that when sitting in the exam, we do not decide randomly, but we analyze the questions and try to identify the best one. However, here it is important to understand the nature of the TOGAF answers. Two or even three of the answers will look great and you are tempted to choose them. However, as only one can be the best option, you might lose lots of time trying to decide which one to choose. The smarter way, however, is not to search for the best answer, but for the worst answer which you then can rule out! Just image that you successfully rule out every worst answer in the exam. As there is always one distractor answer that has at least some ideas in it that are completely wrong, it is quite easy to seperate those from the rest. Doing so successfully for the monkey and let the monkey then choose again, the expected average score increases to 24 points already - which is the amount you need in order to pass. Having done so, every further decision that you take that is not completely random will bring you a huge step closer to pass the exam.

Summarizing, the TOGAF level 2 exam is a very easy exam if you take the right approach to it. Instead of finding the best correct answer, first make sure that you identify the answer that is for sure completely wrong. Those answers include statements or ideas that clearly contradict with TOGAF concepts. Doing so, you are already set to pass the exam! Make sure to use the rest of your time to identify the best or second best option of the easier questions you have and you will soon be TOGAF certified.